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Welcome to the documentation of the ip.labs Mobile SDK for Android and iOS. At its core it delivers our multi-platform editors based on web technology, for which we provide native interfaces for Kotlin and Swift. So there is no need to deal with web technology for the developers using it.

The SDK is distributed as an Android library and an XCode framework (iOS). Just contact us to get started.


Operating System

Minimum target versions supported are:

  • Android 10, API level 29
  • iOS 14

Programming Language


To make use of the SDK features, the user’s device must be connected to the internet. You can of course offer an offline experience for your parts of the app (e.g. the start page), but when the photo product editors are launched, the device has to be online.

What Is Included?

The ip.labs Mobile SDK offers you our mature and battle-tested editors for photo products to be included in your app.

We offer specialized editors for each product type:

  • Simple products like mugs, T-shirts, and many other kinds of photo gifts
  • Wall décor (e.g. on canvas, aluminium, Forex®, etc.)
  • Calendars
  • Retro prints
  • Photo books including a wizard workflow, that helps you to initially configure and design your book

On top of these editors we provide you with all the necessary APIs to integrate them into your existing solutions for product presentation, user management, and ordering.

Typical User Journey

Let’s illustrate the capabilities of the ip.labs Mobile SDK by sketching a typical user journey. The SDK is taking over the “Image Selection & Designing” part of the journey while supporting you with APIs to seamlessly integrate it with the other parts, which will be handled by your app, as well.

  1. Product Selection
    Design your mobile app based on your brand experience.

  2. Image Selection & Designing
    ip.labs Mobile SDK takes over the product designing journey with your user.

  3. Checkout & Order
    We hand the ready-to-print product over to your cart where your users’ journey continues.

Other Capabilities

Other capabilities not mentioned in this journey include:

  • Saving and loading of users’ projects (either on the device or in the cloud)
  • The integration of your user management via our WipeSSO solution (server-to-server protocol to sync user sessions between your backend services and our ip.labs infrastructure)
  • Provide your own translations for the editor UI
  • Customize the feature set and branding of the editors to match your app’s experience

Head over to the Android and iOS documentations to learn how to integrate these APIs into your app.